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The QBOID M2 Perceptor is the ideal 3D dimensioning solution for those that need an 'on-the-go' handheld dimensioner. Incredibly accurate dimensions and images are available within the grasp of your hand.

Highly advanced 3D colour sensors and computer vision algorithms are integrated with an Android device for cost-effective and reliable dimensioning results whilst on the go.

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Mobile platform

The M2 Perceptor's intelligent computer vision dimensioning platform is integrated in a handheld Android device. Optionally connect to your IT systems using on-board WiFi.

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3D Computer Vision

Integrated sensors provide 3D scanning of objects to computer vision algorithms resulting in highly accurate dimensioning which isn't possible with conventional approaches.

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Advanced Image Processing

Rich image information generated with each scan: (a) scene with bounding box projected on scanned item, (b) scanned item with background subtracted, and (c) entire scene.

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Custom programmable metadata tags

Tag each item being dimensioned with text as you require using the user interface. Customisable by you in the Settings menu.

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Fast onboard processing – No Cloud needed

Item dimensioning results are generated in 0.1 seconds by the M2's algorithm methodology. No need for Cloud processing.

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Constant Self Calibration

The M2 Perceptor constantly monitors internal sensor temperature and applies constant calibration in real-time, providing consistent performance.

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