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Why choose a handheld dimensioner?

Over the past few years, it's been proven that adding a dimensioning solution to your warehouse or fulfilment depot will accelerate the efficiency of your operations. But when space is so valuable, do you want to be unnecessarily using up potential storage space?

Dimensioners have revolutionised the way a lot of fulfilment depots and logistics hubs have operated. For a long time, parcels and packages have been measured and recorded manually using a tape measure and a notepad or laptop, how time-consuming! A dimensioner will automatically measure your parcel, saving time and money on the manual approach. There are a few different variants, but for now, let's take a look at why a handheld dimensioner is the ultimate solution for busy warehouses.

How much is your space worth to you?

Implementing a system to improve your operations is great, but you don't want it to take up space that could otherwise be used for storage. Some dimensioners on the market are bulky and have to be wired in, meaning you may need to re-arrange parts of your warehouse, this is where a handheld dimensioning solution comes into play. The QBOID Perceptor M2 doesn't need stacks of space that could be better-used. It's based on an Android device, meaning it's no larger than a smartphone.

No more lugging around heavy machinery

The average fulfilment depot is now over 25,000 ft, that's quite some area to be either carting around a mobile dimensioner or moving your parcels within to reach the dimensioner you have in place. With the QBOID Perceptor M2, you're no more weighed down than carrying around a mobile phone. The Android-based device can be taken anywhere to dimension your parcels or packages.

Have a look in more detail

The QBOID M2 Perceptor is the ultimate 3D dimensioning solution for those that need an 'on-the-go' handheld dimensioner. Incredibly accurate dimensions and images are available within the grasp of your hand.

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